September 12, 2005

new rules (idea stolen from bill maher)

new rule #1
cashiers must hand customers loose change before bills, rather than pile coins on top of dollars. this is particularly important at drive-thru windows. if a cashier passes you coinage on top of the paper bills, you have my permission to demand that he lean out of the window to bend down and pick up your money and hand it to you rule #2
moviegoers who answer their cell phone during a film will be taken to the concession stand and dipped in hot butter flavoring or nacho cheese, or they can press their ear to the rolling thingee that cooks the hot dogs (their choice).

new rule #3
co-workers will not chit-chat in a foreign language in the restroom, particularly while each of them is in a stall on either side of me.

new rule #4
people will not leave anonymous comments on my blog. you don’t have to sign up for a user profile, just tell me your name. don’t be a chicken, tell me who you are, or I will delete your ass…ok, not your ass, but your comment.

roominate on this yourself