September 8, 2005

anyone have an extra 4th toe I can have?

because look at mine.

bad toe

freaky, I know. (e) thinks it looks like a carrot. it’s so puffy that when I try to put my foot flat on the floor, the 4th toe sits up higher than the rest. pretty! and I can’t walk on it, so I gimp around.

the toe isn’t the actual problem–it’s a side effect of something funky in the ball of my foot. my general practitioner thinks I have a neuroma (a benign tumor made of nerve tissue) running along the nerve between my third and fourth toes. it’s pretty common, and can be caused by running. tomorrow I’m going to the podiatrist to see if he can make it all better with just a cortisone shot, or if he’ll need to surgically remove it.

maybe I can ask the wizard of oz for a new little piggy that had none. but for now, pedicures, bootcamp, and stilettos will have to wait. I just hope I don’t have to miss my tiffany necklace opportunity at the nike women’s half marathon next month. (sniff)

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