June 22, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday

Kristine is getting closer and closer to her wedding day, so she continues with the wedding theme this week:

1. Your Drinking Glasses.
2. Your Address book/Stationary (remember that stuff we used BEFORE email?)

My drinking glasses are from Sur la Table. I discovered them while writing a column for a local lifestyle magazine. My headline for my write-up of these was “Bottoms up!” and they edited it to read “Hello, Kitty!” Apparently they weren’t much for the off-color puns. Or freedom of expression.
Bottom's up!

I don’t really have stationery, but I do have lots and lots of unwritten cards. These are Thank You cards that I will probably use very soon, after I get some presents. Want a card? Send me a present!

My something new is this “gift certificate” from Tiffany & Co. My sister received it after the restaurant she works at received 3 1/2 stars (out of 4) when reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle. She owes me some dough, so I told her I’d take $100 off her bill if she wanted to unload her unwanted Tiffany money. See? Everybody’s happy. What should I buy? What can I buy for $100?
How Tiffany does gift cards

Happy SPF everyone! Did you play?

June 16, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday

Hectic week, but I managed to play. This week’s assignment from Kristine was:

Your puzzle
Your best
Something old
(in honor of her upcoming nuptuals!)

My puzzle is this garage. I don’t know how to make it all fit somewhere. Anywhere. In time for next week’s housewarming party. ACK!
Still unpacking

My best. This is easy. The best thing about my life is that I’m spending it with this guy. And yes, he really likes that cheese.
Crazy for cheese

My something old is Panasonic. I’ve worked there for nearly seven years, but after today it will be my old job. I have mixed emotions about this, but I’m excited about my new idea for life.
Out with the old

Did you play?

June 1, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday: Sumpthin’ Sumpthin’

I almost didn’t play this week. There are boxes to unpack and many things to do, but I missed last week, so I decided to take some photos real quick. Real quick turned out to take about 2 hours, but I did it, with a little help from my “new roommate.” 🙂 Plus, I couldn’t flake on Kristine again.

Something sparkly:
My Mickey head earrings. Not real diamonds, but…uhm…I mean, yes, of course they are real diamonds!
Something sparkly

Something dull:
OMG, I hate this game. Hate. It. I’m bad at it, so that makes it dull (and stupid) in my book. I’d rather play Scrabble.
*Strategic board setup by game owner (e).
Something dull

Something colorful:
Actually, the RISK photo could double as colorful, but to me, RISK is more dull than colorful, so I’m going with the bubblegum.
Something colorful

Did you play? If not, why? Do you have a bajillion boxes to unpack? Priorities, people!

May 18, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday: Inspiration

Kristine was inspired by a Flickr user this week. Here’s our assignment:

1. Something Discarded
2. Lay down on the ground and find something ugly and make it beautiful.
3. Take a picture in the style of the person that inspires you.

I found my something discarded in the fitting room at Marshall’s. My dressing room tag says “What will you find today?” but I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean empty beer bottles. By the way, back in the 80s the day, my first job was working in the fitting room at Marshall’s. My boyfriend at the time was the janitor, and he found all sorts of lovely discarded items on his nightly dry mop tour of the fitting rooms. One time, he found a Dixie cup with pee in it. Classy folks, our customers.

I was afraid if I lay on the ground, I would have been crawled upon by creepy things and that gave me the heebie jeebies. So I crouched and zoomed to get this little guy. I don’t know if I made him beautiful, but he’s kinda cute, dontchya think?
Lounging Lizard

This photo, like one of mine from last week, was inspired by (e). He loves shooting long exposure shots. I took this one at Kaboom! last weekend. I had the tripod set up and ready to shoot fireworks and was doing test shots. This one used a shutter length of one second.
Long exposure

TGIF, and Happy SPF! Did you play?

May 11, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday: assignment in pairs

Two. Dos. Deux. Due.

Kristine had us shooting in pairs this week. The assignment was:

1. Something you have 2 of.
2. Something you wish you had 2 more of.
3. “Two”

Someone told me when I got my second cat that I was one cat away from becoming a lesbian. How owning three cats automatically changes one’s sexual orientation is beyond me. By the way, notice Jasper’s fancy claws? He learned that from Queer Cat for the Straight Cat on Animal Planet.
I have two of these

Something I wish I had two more of? My new car stereo. I’d like one to be in a MINI Cooper S, and one to be in a Pontiac Solstice. I can play my iPod through my new stereo and it goes to 11. “…it’s one louder, isn’t it? It’s not ten.”

Here’s my take on “two,” in honor of my poolshark boyfriend.

Didja play? Or were you too distraught over Chris Daughtry getting voted off American Idol to participate? (WTF is up with that, anyway?!?)

May 4, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday: Random and Odd

Kristine lived up to her blog name this week, as she assigned the following for SPF:

  • Body of Water – think big or small…it’s up to you
  • Something with Flavor – yes, another wide open one
  • Plant your Ass – where you park it…

My body of water idea came from (e). Ice, ice, baby.
Body of water

Something with flavor. How ’bout lots of flavors? My favorite is in there. Guess which one it is.
Something with flavor

Plant your (my) ass. Well, as you can see, my spot was taken. Or kept warm for me while I was up. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what Jasper was thinking. Because cats are considerate animals.
Where I sit (usually)

Did you play?

April 27, 2006

Stuff Portrait Fridays: Size Matters

This week, Kristine had us take photos of:

1. Something Big
2. Something Small
3. Half of Something

My something big is an old picture I took with my Canon S30 (now that’s old!). It’s a ginormous coffee cup that Daphne decided to hop into one day. She was just a kitten, like 8 or 10 weeks old. At first glance, she looks like a teeny tiny, lilliputian cat. But the cup holds 10 gallons. Yeesh, can you imagine drinking a 10-gallon cup of Starbucks?
Latte Daphne

My something small is a bottle of ketchup from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It came with breakfast room service, accompanied by a tiny Tabasco and mini mustard. Isn’t it just the cutest condiment?

Number three is half of the Lean Cuisine Panini I had for dinner. When I was a kid my mom had a very diplomatic way of getting my sister and me to split things. One of us would cut it, and the other would get first pick of the halves. I was meticulous about cutting it exactly in half, so my sister wouldn’t get more than I did. Well, this panini was all mine, so it didn’t matter how I cut it because I ate the whole thing. URP!

Let me know if you played, and be sure to go tell Kristine too.

Happy Friday!!

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