April 19, 2010

So. This happened.

Check it. I’m a published photographer!
109/365 - Look Ma! My photo's in a magazine!

April 8, 2010

Hey, remember those diptychs?

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a diptych. I’m feeling pretty blah about this here blog and spend most of my time at my photoblog or on Flickr these days. Apparently multitasking is not my forte. I get overwhelmed with all the places on the Internet I visit regularly and this here blog has suffered. Sometimes I think about taking it down altogether, but what if I want to come back? So, posting will continue to be sporadic until I figure out what I want to do with this site.

OK. Enough rambling. Here’s this week’s diptych: colors.

95/365 Colorful tulips

98/365 - Childhood Memories

March 15, 2010

Diptych – Daylight

This week I chose the word daylight. Below is what Saj and I came up with.

74/365 Launched

74/365 - Candyland

March 9, 2010

Overheard at Bridge Club

So I says to him, “OK Ernie,” I says, “you go play 9 holes with Ralph, but don’t you come cryin’ to me when your sciatica acts up.” So he goes and plays. And guess where he is now? Flat on his back with his feet propped up by a pillow, watchin’ Judge Judy. I tell you Agnes, they never listen!
68/365 - So I Says to Him...

March 8, 2010

Diptych #9 – Shapes

I almost wrote a regular non-diptych blog post this weekend. But I changed my mind. I think my blogging mojo has flown south for the winter, or transferred to my photo mojo. Someday soon I will write a blog post though, but right now my life is consumed by house-training a puppy, and do you really want to hear those details? Yeah. Didn’t think so.

Anyway, I digress. This week, Saj chose the word shapes for us. Here’s what she came up with, with a little help from my nephew Caden:

67/365 Shape Snake

And here’s mine. Guess who these belong to?

67/365 - Look What I Found in My Husband's Bag of Holding

Come back next week to see what word I choose for us. Who knows? Before next week’s installment, I might have a regular old post here. But don’t hold your breath.

March 1, 2010

Diptych #8 – Adorable

Because we’re done with the rainbow, Saj and I had to think of a new subject for our weekly diptych. Now we’ll be photographing our own interpretation of words. This week I chose the word adorable because when I went to my phone to text Saj about the new diptych theme, I noticed in our text conversation on my iPhone that the last word she texted me was adorable (in reference to a photo I sent her of Penny).

As you can see, she and I are on the same wavelength again – Matte’s birthday.

Here is Saj’s adorable photo:
60/365 Adorable birthday wishes

Matte and I got some cool new lighting equipment so Matte consulted Strobist to find out how I could best set up this shot of someone I find most adorable:
60/365 - Happy Birthday, Matte!

Next week it’s Saj’s turn to pick the word. Stay tuned!

February 28, 2010

Photos I took in February

February 2010 Mosaic

1. 32/365 – Egyptian Perfume Bottle, 2. 33/365 – Water, 3. 34/365 – It’s a Sunshine Day, 4. 35/365 – Cookie & Milk, 5. 36/365 – R E D R U M, 6. 37/365 – A rainy day at the beach is still a day at the beach, 7. 38/365 – A Cuppa, 8. 39/365 – The Best Logo in Baseball*, 9. 40/365 – Round Two, 10. 41/365 – Martha Does Dove, 11. 42/365 – Annette, 12. 43/365 – You’ve Heard of Shadow Boxing?, 13. 44/365 – Dinner, 14. 45/365 – My Etsy Valentine, 15. 46/365 – Indigo, 16. 47/365 – Fat Tuesday, 17. 48/365 – Please convince my husband…, 18. 49/365 – I am smitten with this pup, 19. 50/365 – Blossoming, 20. 51/365 – Tickets, Please, 21. 52/365 Pretend Like It’s the Weekend Now, 22. 53/365 New addition to the household, 23. 54/365 Tired and Shagged Out, 24. 55/365 Gimme Some Water, 25. 56/365 GO CATS!, 26. 57/365 Hayden-Harnett Handbag, 27. 58/365 – Dude, I’m so wasted!, 28. 59/365 Dinner after a chaotic weekend29. Not available30. Not available

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