January 5, 2010

I’ve made it FIVE whole days already!

Yay, me! Seriously though, this Project 365 has rekindled my love for photography, much like the way the 7 Days group does. Yeah, I know it’s only been five days and I might bet bored by day, oh…8, but for now I am enjoying it. Today I shot something I use every single day, but never though to take a photo of it. This project is already making me look at things differently.

This is the mug I use at work every day. Isn’t it cute? It’s one of the first gifts I ever got from Matte. Inside the mug is jasmine green tea – my absolute favorite. Good Earth makes the best, in my opinion. Sorry, Joe the Trader, this time you don’t win.

5/365 - Jasmine green tea

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