January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Day 1/365 - Black-eyed peas
My sister-in-law decided to try Project 365 on Flickr this year, and being the follower that I am, I’m giving it a shot as well. I tried it once before and made it maybe three months before I gave up. Hopefully doing it with her will keep me motivated. And hey, it might even get me to blog more! Get ready for lots of cat photos. (You have been warned.)

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  • Saj says:

    I didn’t realize I was your inspiration! Awwwww.

    Bring on the cat pictures! There will be TONS of shots of the boys, I’m sure!

    I love being able to do things “together” even living half-way across the country from each other!

  • Sarah says:

    I keep contemplating a kind of 7 Days family tree – if only to save me so many moments of “oh!” when I realise relationships like this!
    Good luck with 365 – don’t forget that photos of your feet are always a good one too 😉

  • Sandi says:

    Hope you make it – that way we get to see your blog more often. But it does sound like a daunting task.

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