July 9, 2008


This is Cletus:


Cletus lives in our backyard. Every night the cats assume the meatloaf position and wait for him to appear. When he does, they stare as he entertains them by sitting still for long periods of time. Desmond and Daphne reward this trick with noises like “gah” “murrl,” and “errddgh”. Sometimes he moves and it’s very exciting for them when he does.

Cletus used to have a girlfriend, Blanche. But we only saw her once. I think she dumped him because he is lazy and not much of a provider. The junebugs plop onto the concrete and he just sits there. He makes no effort to catch the little bits of crunchy grossness unless they are within his immediate reach. Maybe he’s depressed, being single and all, and has lost his appetite. He does look a bit sad since the first time we saw him, with Blanche on a night out. Now that I think about it, she seemed rather distant that night. Maybe that was the beginning of the end.

I feel bad for lonely Cletus, so some nights, I’ll turn the patio light on and look for him with the cats. When he makes his appearance, I talk to him. He’s not much of a talker though. And like many men, he doesn’t seem to hear me. Maybe that’s what ultimately made Blanche leap ship.

He is sort of cute though, in an amphibious way, isn’t he?

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