July 14, 2008

Share and share alike

On Wednesday I will not be me.

Well, I will be me, but I won’t be here. On this blog. I will be posting anonymously somewhere else, and someone who shall remain nameless will post anonymously here, as part of Blog Share. Please come back then and see what my guest poster has to say. Also, please note that the words and views expressed on Catheroominations on Wednesday July 16 will not be mine. Unless my anonymous poster says something exactly like what I would say, and feels just what I would feel. In that case, well, you’ll just be a bit confused, won’t you?

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming on Thursday the 17th, where I will regale you with more tales of Cletus and his never ending quest for some hot chick to come along and kiss him and transform him into the prince that he is.

roominate on this yourself