March 1, 2008

Didn’t I just do this?

The powers that be behind NaBloPoMo have decided to go monthly, rather than yearly. So instead of waiting for November, each month we’re supposed to post something each and every day.

I read quite a few blogs that have something new for me every day, so this should not be a huge undertaking. But it is. Because I committed to do it. People are depending on me and I cannot let them down. Pressure!

The NaBloPoMo bosses are making it easy on us. They gave us a theme. We can post a list every day in March if we want. Or, we can post a photo. I will probably do some combination of this when I can’t think of anything to blog about if left to my own devices. I’m happy to have the help.

So today, I give you a list. Two actually! I blatantly stole this list idea from whiskeymarie, who’s blog I discovered during the Great Blogshare of 2008.

Five things I did not do today:

  1. Wash my hair. This might seem gross, but my stylist says it’s better not to. I can’t stand to do it during the work week though. Ew.
  2. Go running. I haven’t run since February. Heh.
  3. Drive my car. Because despite the projected delivery date of yesterday, I still don’t have it back. They are waiting for the ‘H’ emblem for the grille and a “small plug.” This had better be an important small plug because I WANT MY CAR BACK! I’m tired of driving this Chevy Cobalt. No offense, Cobalt owners, but I would rather drive my car. Because it’s mine.
  4. Work. Damn I love weekends.
  5. Pitch for the A’s in Spring Training.

Five things I did do today:

  1. Wish my husband a happy 36th birthday. Tomorrow I’m taking him to see a Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward concert. Zooey is on his list of five. And I’m giving her to him for his birthday. Am I the best wife or what?
  2. Made my husband breakfast and stuck a lit candle in it. OK, so it was toast with peanut butter, but when you don’t have breakfast until 10 am, you don’t want to eat too much and ruin your appetite for the lunch your wife is buying you. Also, I am not the chef in the family. My sister got those genes.
  3. Counted my poker winnings from last night’s game. Each year we have a memorial poker party in honor of my ex-boyfriend (the one I moved to Kentucky for.) My ex’s best friend hosts it and gets the band back together. It’s a great way to catch up and remember John while we take each other’s money. Oh, my winnings were a whopping twelve dollars. Look out Jennifer Tilly!
  4. Visited some animal shelters because we are looking to expand our family.
  5. Dined on pizza (that’s what the birthday boy wanted for dinner!) and a damn fine bottle of 2004 Murietta’s Well Zinfandel. In fact, I’m drinking it now and it is working wonders for my sore throat.

Wow. If I’m going to post every day for a month, I need to be more exciting. Maybe I’ll run a half marathon. Damn. Already did that. Oh! I could crash my car. That’s exciting! Wha? Oh, yeah. Already did that too. I guess I’ll need to get arrested or visit a tattoo parlor or something.

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