January 12, 2008

Still sick

Someone has taken my brain, placed it one of those mesh metal baskets and dropped it into a vat of boiling oil. It’s fried, people. To a crisp.

My week-long class was intense. It was so unlike any “seminar” I’ve attended. This was like a college course packed into one week, complete with writing a paper and taking a final exam on the last day. 10 hours a day of instruction, daily quizzes, reading assignments, and workshops kept me from eating even remotely healthy foods and getting enough rest.

Last night, while I slept in my own bed, visions of my final paper and exam answers danced in my head and I realized where I messed up, and what answers I got wrong. Not-so-sweet dreams. There’s nothing I can do about it now. But if I don’t pass, I will cry.

I’m still not done with this damn cold that caused my sinus infection and that is pissing me off. Had I bailed on the training (and lost the $1,700 course fee), I probably could have called in sick to work and gotten rest and fluids last week. But I couldn’t get out of taking the class. So I am still sick.

My half marathon is THREE WEEKS from tomorrow. Today, my Team in Training group is doing another long run at a beautiful location and I have to miss it because my head is so full of snot and phlegm, I could probably only make it 1/16 of a mile. I haven’t run much in the last three weeks so I was really looking forward to getting back into it once class was over. But I can’t yet. Worse, I’m afraid all the training I did before Christmas will be out the window. I have not run a distance longer than 10 miles, and the one time I did that in mid December, I was miserable. I want to try 10 miles again before the race on SuperBowl Sunday, but I don’t see how that can happen.

Usually, being sick doesn’t bother me so much. But I don’t usually have a half marathon to run, and I can take the time required to get well. If I miss work this week because I’m sick, I do not care. I need to get back to my normal clearly breathing, not sneezing, not stuffy-headed self. I like that person much more than this one.

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