January 6, 2008

Oh goodie! Sinus infection!

FYI: having a sinus infection on an airplane is HIGHLY UNPLEASANT. Also, sinus infections can cause toothaches. This is good news I was happy to learn because I could not endure that for much longer and I wouldn’t be able to go to the dentist until a week from tomorrow. I will be in a class for 14 hours (yes 14 hours) a day starting tomorrow. It starts at 7 am and ends at 5, but then afterwards we have evening workshops that last until after 9 pm. Fun times.

I’m sick and I need rest and I want my own bed. Although, a deluxe room in a hotel in San Francisco could be nice too. Especially because it comes with a Bath Butler. Someone will come and actually draw me a bath. This drawing of the bath will have to happen at 11 pm or so though, so I might need to ask him to stay in the room and make sure I don’t doze off and slide underwater.

I don’t have time to be sick right now. I’m supposed to focus in this training class, do group presentations, and pass a final at the end. All with a pressurized head full of phlegm. But I have my antibiotics so the pressure should subside soon (I hope).

So, when should I rest to get over this sinus thing? Maybe when the class is over on Friday. That will be beneficial, I’m sure.

I had planned to at least try a treadmill run or go outside in San Francisco and run this week while I’m there for this training. Running would have to happen at either 5 am or at 11 pm, so, I might as well be sick since running at those times is not ideal.

The good news is that ffter this training is over (assuming I pass the exam), I will be certified and will be able to perform specialized duties at work. I think I should ask for a raise. Don’t you? And a vacation. Who cares if I just got back from one on Friday?

P.S: This post is a little bit all over the place, but I’m on drugs.

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  • Dagny says:

    Oh yes, more money and a vacation sounds great! Get well soon.

  • wi says:

    So, do you still want to return to WI next Christmas? We gave you such a nice reception this year–7 in. snowfall, temps in the teens and lower, and a sinus infection. Come in June. Maybe we can have a flood, a tornado, or lots of lovely mosquitoes.

  • Good News says:

    […] Oh goodie! Sinus infection! […]

  • Miriam D says:

    Oh lord, I have SO been there! I had a sinus infection on a plane once and I developed INTENSE sinus pressure in my face during landing. I ended up crying the whole time because of the pain. The flight attendants took very hot steaming washclothes, stuck them in a cup and put the cup over my ears. The steam? Completely relieved the pressure. IT was a miracle!

  • Ugh, feel better VERY soon. I know a bit of what you’re going through as I’ve been dealing with sick since NYE. I forgot you were in SF this week. Figures I wouldn’t be working in the city anymore, dammit.

    Feel better and we’ve got much to catch up on!


  • mcgee says:

    I hope you’re feeling better!! I’ve been sick too…it seems like it’s been going around everywhere. Plus this rainy weather isn’t helping things.

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