January 1, 2008

Cool Running? COLD Running is more like it.

While on vacation I am supposed to be keeping up with my Team in Training workouts. I’m not really expected to go 10 miles or anything, but I do need to run some so I don’t cancel out all the training I’ve already done. I signed up to do a 5K in Milwaukee yesterday afternoon, benefiting kids with cancer, and my sister-in-law agreed to join me.

Did I mention the run was in Milwaukee? WISCONSIN? In winter? It was 28 degrees out. I AM FROM CALIFORNIA WHERE IT DOES NOT GET DOWN TO 28 DEGREES. I think it’s cold when the thermometer shows 55 degrees. My blood is thin and I admit I am a pansy.

it's frickin' freezing out here

It was cold, yes. But I did it. I ran a race in the frigid air, on vacation, by choice. And I even paid money to do it. And my time was better than I’d expected, having been so long since I ran. And I have never run in such cold. But I finished, and even sprinted across the finish line. See?

Yay me!

But it was fun and there was beer at the finish line.!

We also got free bottles of champagne to help us ring in the new year. And there were cookies!

After the run, I decided that 28 isn’t so terrible to run in and maybe I’d even feel like going for a run later this week, before we head home. But I just checked the thermostat and it says it is 4.7 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now. I was outside for about 2 minutes when the temperature was TEN degrees, and my face felt like it might fall off. So I think I’ll be staying in for awhile, sitting here in my warm sweats, on the warm couch with my warm laptop, thankyouverymuch.

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