August 22, 2007

Two more days!

Y’all have just two more days to shower me with virtual birthday gifts. The deadline is Friday the 24th and I’ll be opening them on Saturday the 25th, my actual birthday. If you want to come to the party, please email me a jpg or a description of the gift you would like to give me. You can sing me a song, or recite poetry and send me a YouTube link, if you’d like. My email address is catheroo (at) gmail (dot) com. If you usually lurk, please be sure to include your blog address. Everyone who comes to my virtual party gets a jaunty party hat, and some linky love. (Wow. I almost typed linky with a ‘k’ and that would have meant a whole different kinda party.)

By the way, I’m super easy to shop for. Especially when it’s a pretend gift, and it’s FREE!

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