August 26, 2007

Catheroo’s Not-Quite-Yet-40th Birthday

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me-e, happy birthday to me.

Thank you to everyone who sent me a virtual gift for my birthday. I got some lovely, wonderful things, which I will show you right now.

First, my most favoritist gift I received was from my sister. Just a day before I received it I mentioned to Matte that I hoped someone would (virtually) give it to me. And Suzie did. She gave me this:

Jasper. My little man. If I could have anything make-believe, it would be to have him back. (sniff)

You guys have some amazing imaginations, and apparently wallets full of fake money to shower me with some lovely gifties. Those are the best kind of friends to have! It’s a good thing I am not Buddhist, because otherwise I would have had to turn down all of these possessions. Oh, and while we’re pretending, let’s pretend that I am a size 4 and have big(ger) boobs and perfect hair. OK. Now the party can start.

First, from Auntie Antiquity: a birthday just is not complete without a tiara because it is my day, and I like to extend that day for a week or so. It’s a good thing Auntie is letting me keep the tiara as along as I want. I could get used to this.

Balloons, because what is a birthday without balloons and helium to sing Happy Birthday in a squeaky voice?

And my favorite dessert, to which I can add candles, if I want. but I think the thing could melt into a puddle of delicious goo if I did. I’d still eat it…with a straw.

I think I have the most generous in-laws in the world. Matte’s parents got me a house! TWELVE THOUSAND SQUARE FEET! In the Silicon Valley no less, and with a pricetag of over EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS. check it out! They picked it out especially for me (well, us, since Matte will live there with me of course) because of the added amenity of a wine tasting room and cellar with space for 1,000 bottles. (hic!)

My friend Sandi got me some cute new wheels to park in the massive driveway. GAH! I love this car!

And with it comes my own personal car washer: KEVIN SPACEY! I’m going to take it out in the mud immediately.

Sandi’s daughter, my friend Jenni gave me an all expenses paid trip to NYC!! If that weren’t enough, she has hired Jeremy Piven to meet me at the airport and serve as my personal tour guide/driver/masseuse/lackey for the duration of my visit to the city that never sleeps.

He will take me Broadway where I will have a lavish dinner (followed by dessert) at Cafe Un Deux Trois,

and then we will attend a showing of “Young Frankenstein”, starring Sutton Foster, who Jenni and I worked with backstage before she was a Tony Award winner.

Jenni also arranged my lodging at the Ritz Carlton, Central Park, where I get to have breakfast delivered to my room the next day. (Jenni recommends the French Countryside Breakfast, saying “It is to die for!”)

My friend Jeff must have heard that the MINI Cooper is iPod-ready, because he got me this one-of-a-kind 300GB version, signed by the members of the Police, and filled with their entire library! And I’m guessing their videos too, with it’s ginormous memory. Awesome!

I’ll be sure to take my iPod to my new beach house that my friend Mary Beth got me.

I spent many a birthday with Mary Beth. I turned 30 while visiting her in Chicago, and since we are both August babies, we celebrated a couple during our 30s in Destin, Florida.

Mary Beth’s daughter Hannah gave me our favorite breakfast at said beach: Lucky Charms. Auntie Caffey (that’s me) introduced Hannah to the not-so nutritious-but-filled-with-sugar cereal on our first trip, and Hannah looks forward to starting her day with a bowlful on her beach trips.

Mary Beth also raised a beer to me and toasted my not turning 40 YET.

Music Mama, my friend who shares my love for all things 80s, got me this, so I could be young again:

Neil is sending me on a luxury vacation. And when he says luxury, holy shit, does he mean it! He’s sending me to “the world’s best hotel, the only 7-star hotel in the world, at his virtual expense, drinks and massages included… the Burj-al-Arab in beautiful Dubai!” This place is INsane. They even have a pillow menu with a range of 13 pillows and quilts to choose from. And, in my spare time, I think I will partake of the Rolls-Royce chauffeur shopping experience.

So, of course I will need some nice shoes to wear. And my sister in-law, Sarah saw to it that me feet would be suitable for such a getaway. She gave me some Manolo Blahniks from Bergdorf Goodman. She told me to choose a pair from their fall collection, or pick all of them. And since I have such a huge house in which to put them, I think I will. Plus, I need shoes for the New York trip. Best to have several to choose from. Jeremy can carry them.

As you can see, my virtual cup runneth over. Thank you, hugs, and kisses to you all for making my birthday virtually amazing!

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  • wi says:

    WOW!!!!!! way to rake it in, dil. you have generous and clever friends, and could i borrow your mini? i love them!! but i do agree that suzanne had the best gift in mind. i would love to wave my hand and bring jasper back to you. i feel the same way about my dogs skipper, sarge, and jordie. snurf, as we say in our family.
    hope your day was fabulous!! how did you celebrate?

  • Mere says:

    Nice swag! Have a really happy bday!

  • Alison says:

    Aaagh! I forgot! 🙁

  • Jeff's Place says:

    Way to rake it in!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Saj says:

    I am SO having a virtual party this year! Nice take! You have some wonderful friends who are very attentive to things you have said/done together, and who then have some great creativity! Happy birthday!!!

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