August 20, 2007

I hate leaving the gas station with my tank door open

…but tonight on my way home from work, I spotted a guy in a green Volvo pulling out of the gas station with the pump’s nozzle still attached and the hose dragging behind him. I started to follow him so I could tell him that he had unknowingly left Exxon with a souvenir (an expensive one at that, I’m guessing). Actually, I followed him to capture photographic evidence of his intelligence, but he sped off, perhaps trying to disengage the unwanted stowaway.

Seriously. Dude. I know gas prices are high, but even so, you should still be able to afford to pay attention.

By the way, my lovely readers (all three of you) you only have until Friday to send me virtual birthday presents (see item #5 here). Just a friendly reminder, you know. BECAUSE MY BIRTHDAY IS SATURDAY. Please send jpegs or descriptions of extravagant, thoughtful, cheesy, and fabulous gifts you would like to give me. You can send them to me (catheroo) at gmail dot com. Oh, and so far I received one virtual present that might just take the cake.

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