November 27, 2006

Reality bites

elephant cakeI have discovered a fun new reality show. No, wait…don’t go! Did I mention that this reality show is about cake?

The show is Ace of Cakes and it airs on the Food Network. Duff Goldman is an amazingly talented sculptor/painter/baker who employs some seemingly unrelated skills such as graffiti and welding to build his masterpiece cakes. As stressful as it can get for him and his team, they all seem to have a great time working together. If you want to take a peek at some of his work, check out his bakery online. Bring milk.

As I am completely obsessed with wedding planning lately, I originally tuned in to see examples of wedding cakes. But Duff’s cakes are insane. From an airplane-shaped birthday cake for his dad, complete with fireworks to simulate a jet engine to a pair of life-size flamingos for a zoo party, his work is something you just have to see. I have a newfound respect for cake designers, and now I realize why their creations cost so much. (OK, I still think they’re priced a bit high, but now I have a better understanding of the hours of meticulous work required.)

Oh, and if anyone would like to contribute to have Duff make our wedding cake, and deliver it to our venue, I would be your new best friend.

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  • meredith says:

    Hey! In reading it almost sounds like your wedding will be here, in the east bay….a winery, right? I bet I know which one.

    If you need a cake – have you checked Katrina Rozelle in Alamo (Oakland, too). They are divine. And very very pretty. Ever since finding them in high school I have used them for every party, including a wedding reception I threw for my brother.

  • music_mama says:

    Don’t forget in your research: the fairy tale castle wedding cake at Wilson’s Jewel Bakery in Santa Clara and the Guava Delight at Aki’s on San Carlos

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