November 26, 2006

Small town charm

While visiting my parents, Matte, my sister, and I hopped in the car to visit a little store in Isleton (population 840), a few miles away. I had seen this store on a previous drive-by, but didn’t have my camera with me then. This time, I was prepared, for the sole purpose of our visit was to capture the store sign in digital form.

As you can see, Bob is a master of sorts. He also proudly boasts having a firm worm. But of course.

The master

Neither Matte nor I had any idea that Isleton would offer so many interesting photo opportunities (see my Flickr set here). The people of Isleton (are they called Isletonites? Isletonians?) provided an entertaining soundtrack as we took photos of several deserted buildings. While standing outside the police station, we overheard a loud conversation down the street. A guy was working on his pick-up truck in his front yard with a buddy of his. His wife was walking back into the house and he yelled after her, “Hey, bitch! Bring me a beer, wouldja?” To which she replied “Ah, blow me! Go @#$% yourself!”

I’m sure we’ll visit Isleton again, perhaps in February for the SPAM contest, or in June for the Crawdad Festival. It’s world famous, you know.

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