November 3, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday: Super damn easy

Thank you, Kristine, for making this week’s assignment so easy.

1. The Good
2. The Bad
3. The Ugly

In honor of Halloween this week, I decided to showcase some of Matte’s action figures.

The Good. Guess who? I think he’s the least evil of the collection. And the hottest, if you ask me.
The Good

The Bad. This dude is the ultimate bad guy in Diablo, according to Matte. I’m constantly learning new things from my fiance.
The Bad

The Ugly. The ugly is also bad. He’s Baan, the ultimate bad guy in Diablo II. Look at the large size version  of him on my Flickr page. Baan has blue veins and weird zits all over himself. He creeps me out.
The Ugly

Bet I out uglied ya, didn’t I? I apologize for any nightmares I may have caused. Didja play? Didja?

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