May 31, 2006

Boxes, and bubblewrap, and unpacking, oh my!

Sorry for the unintentional blog hiatus. I packed my blog mojo in one of the bajillion boxes now lining my garage and I’m not sure which one it’s in.

While you’re waiting for some fresh squeezed creative juices, maybe you could help me with this math problem:
Billy lives in an 800-square foot apartment. Sally’s apartment is 875 square feet. The sum of the 2 apartments is 1675 square feet. Billy and Sally want to share an apartment that is 1131 square feet. 1131 is 544 less than 1675, so Billy or Sally must sacrifice some of their belongings. Which of his worldly goods must Billy get rid of so that the apartment can accomodate Sally’s prized possessions?

May 25, 2006

Even the world’s biggest stars love American Idol

Did you all see how emotional The Hoff got when Ryan Seacrest announced the winner of American Idol? He is so a member of the Soul Patrol. Wooo Hooo!!!

David Hasselhoff

May 24, 2006

5 things meme

Ali tagged me for the 5 things meme, probably to get me back for toilet-papering her blog awhile back. At least this meme doesn’t force me to dig deep into my psyche and reveal my inner oddness, like this one did.

5 items in my fridge
1. Fresca
2. string cheese
3. Kaukana Port Wine cheese spread
4. salsa
5. Korbel champagne

5 items in my closet

1. Tom Cruise (oh, sorry, I thought you said 5 items in the closet)
2. Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition
3. too many homemade scarves
4. 3 pairs of Vans
5. VHS tape from 1983 of MTV’s broadcast of a Duran Duran concert

5 items in my car

1. Starbucks napkins
2. extra pairs of sunglasses
3. carwash coupons
4. Mickey Mouse head and Jiminy Cricket figure suctioned to the windshield
5. faceplate-less stereo (unless I’m in the car, then said faceplate is on and my iPod shuffleth)

5 items in my purse
1. entirely too many membership cards for store discounts
2. keys
3. cell phone
4. Canon SD400
5. unbalanced checkbook

5 people who are tagged
(I tag because I love. Truly, I do.)
1. (e) – he doesn’t have a purse, so maybe he can tell us what’s in his backpack or something
2. Jenni
3. Shannon
4. Grins
5. Moose

May 23, 2006

Calgon, you know what to do…

The amount of crap I have accumulated in this one-bedroom apartment is horrifying. And I have to pack it all up and move it.


May 21, 2006

He thinks all chick flicks are the same.

Me: (sigh) Should I just turn on the baseball game?
Him: When’s it on?
Me: (sigh) Now. It just started.
Him: You don’t sound too excited about watching the game.
Me: Yeah, I’m not, but I don’t think you like what I want to watch.
Him: What do you want to watch?
Me: Law & Order. DUN-DUN! (That was my impression of the clangy sound between scenes.)
Him: We can watch whatever you want to watch, Hon. As long as it’s not Sisterhood of the Ya-Ya Pants.

May 18, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday: Inspiration

Kristine was inspired by a Flickr user this week. Here’s our assignment:

1. Something Discarded
2. Lay down on the ground and find something ugly and make it beautiful.
3. Take a picture in the style of the person that inspires you.

I found my something discarded in the fitting room at Marshall’s. My dressing room tag says “What will you find today?” but I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean empty beer bottles. By the way, back in the 80s the day, my first job was working in the fitting room at Marshall’s. My boyfriend at the time was the janitor, and he found all sorts of lovely discarded items on his nightly dry mop tour of the fitting rooms. One time, he found a Dixie cup with pee in it. Classy folks, our customers.

I was afraid if I lay on the ground, I would have been crawled upon by creepy things and that gave me the heebie jeebies. So I crouched and zoomed to get this little guy. I don’t know if I made him beautiful, but he’s kinda cute, dontchya think?
Lounging Lizard

This photo, like one of mine from last week, was inspired by (e). He loves shooting long exposure shots. I took this one at Kaboom! last weekend. I had the tripod set up and ready to shoot fireworks and was doing test shots. This one used a shutter length of one second.
Long exposure

TGIF, and Happy SPF! Did you play?

May 17, 2006

Not the Felicity Huffman movie


Transamerica (Building) in San Francisco. Coit Tower is on the right, and in the back (middle) is Alcatraz. This photo was taken from the 38th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

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