May 31, 2006

Boxes, and bubblewrap, and unpacking, oh my!

Sorry for the unintentional blog hiatus. I packed my blog mojo in one of the bajillion boxes now lining my garage and I’m not sure which one it’s in.

While you’re waiting for some fresh squeezed creative juices, maybe you could help me with this math problem:
Billy lives in an 800-square foot apartment. Sally’s apartment is 875 square feet. The sum of the 2 apartments is 1675 square feet. Billy and Sally want to share an apartment that is 1131 square feet. 1131 is 544 less than 1675, so Billy or Sally must sacrifice some of their belongings. Which of his worldly goods must Billy get rid of so that the apartment can accomodate Sally’s prized possessions?

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  • Alison says:

    Billy probably has a really nice, big couch that takes up a lot of room. He should get rid of that.

  • (e) says:

    Billy thinks Sally should think about how accomodating he is to have moved in with two cats when he’s DEATHLY allergic. Think about just how much he’s sacrificing moving in with a girl. The bachelor life. Chicks, drinks, The Man Show, farting whenever he wants to. So maybe Sally can think about that and get off his back.


    But I think Billy loves Sally enough to sacrifice some stuff… just not the action figures. HAH

  • Meredith says:

    Throw it all out and start over with shiny new stuff? That he pays for? Oh wait…

  • Kristin says:

    Pfffttt…like there were chicks before Sally?!?

  • catheroo says:

    Sally knows that Billy still farts whenever he wants to.

  • wi says:

    Billy and Sally might have given some thought to both their precious belongings before they tried to cram them all in. After all, at least he was in math g and t from elementary school. Didn’t some of that rub off into practical use. But then, wasn’t math the class where he spent the entire hour testing how many times he could belch in that time?

  • Shannon says:

    Definitely they need to decide who has the nicer kitchen/bathroom stuff and get rid of the duplicates! And don’t forget the Golden Rule: men only need, like, three shirts and two pairs of pants to survive; women need their entire wardrobe for every occasion! Billy’s clothes must be sacrificed for precious closet space for Sally.

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