March 28, 2006

Latest Development

In case you haven’t heard by now (it’s all over the Internets), it looks like Arrested Development is over. For good.

The show’s brilliant creator, Mitch Hurwitz, says he won’t be continuing the series. Originally, Showtime was interested in picking up the Show the FOX Forgot, but only with Hurwitz’s involvement.

Just this morning, I was discussing the lack of outstanding sitcoms on TV these days. The jokes are irritatingly predictable and the laugh tracks are ridiculous. I am one of a very few who didn’t love Raymond. Part of the charm of Arrested Development (and The Office) is the welcome absence of fake laughter. Don’t tell me when I should laugh, thankyouverymuch.

The witty writing that consistently pushed the envelope is a rarity in broadcast television, yet a staple of cable TV (HBO’s Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, and Showtime’s Queer as Folk). Many had high hopes that Showtime would extend the chronicles of the Bluth family and give Arrested Development a new home. But, it doesn’t lood good, people.

Yes, I know there are more pressing issues in our world than the fate of a television show (or mullet comebacks), but it makes me sad that shows like Hope & Faith and The War at Home continue to air and Arrested Development is, well, arrested. I’m afraid what that says about the American television-viewing public is that we are unintelligent boobs who don’t enjoy smartly written and produced comedies.

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  • music_mama says:

    Sons & Daughters is delightfully dysfunctional comedy, clever witty and notably absent of laugh track. Probably it too will be soon eliminated.

  • Shannon says:

    That is sad and I completely agree. Quality shows always seemed to be yanked after a short time: Freaks & Geeks, Undeclared, Firefly, My So-Called Life, etc. Heck, I’m surprised Veronica Mars has made it into a second season! More and more, I’ve been turning to British sitcoms for quality tv. If you have the ability to watch British DVDs somehow, please check out the following: The Office (obviously), Spaced, Black Books, The Royle Family, The Fast Show, and Little Britain. All of these British shows are such good quality because the actors that star in them are also writing and directing the shows! You just don’t get that here in America.

    Bye, Bluths, it was nice peeking into your lives!

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