March 27, 2006

All business up front, but a party in the back

Sometimes I’m in the dark about things. I feel like I live under a rock. At such times, it’s good to have friends like Jenni and Sandi who bring vitally important topics to my attention. The news is unsettling and quite disturbing, but I’d rather know than go about my daily business, ignorant to the disaster that is

The mullet.

That’s right. It’s back.

When I think about the mullet, as I am wont to do, I realize that in some parts of the world, it never left. The fine folks at Supercuts can attest to this. The mullet is quite the look in some circles. Many hockey players, backstage crew, and country music stars are fans of the schizophrenic hairstyle.

But what stylist out there still creates the mullet? Does anyone walk into a salon and say “I’d like a mullet please.”? Or perhaps they don’t even know the name for the coiffure they’ve been sporting since the 80s. They request “Just a little off the sides. I’m growing it out in the back,” as they take a seat in the chair, placing their Vuarnets in the front pocket of their Members Only jacket.

Like the mustache, who out there is more attractive with a mullet? Anyone? I dare you to find a hot mulletified guy. Get back to me on that.

Picture the classically handsome Gregory Peck with a mullet. Or Cary Grant. James Dean. Or today’s heartthrobs Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell, or Jude Law. Doesn’t work, does it?

In an attempt to spread mullet awareness, the San Francisco Chronicle published this informative article. After reading it, I now can answer “WWJD?” He’d have a mullet.

I am certain that Yanni and NASCAR are behind all this mustache/mullet mayhem.

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  • jg says:

    Hello, Michele sent me.

    I just visited barbie2be and now I’m picturing Barbie with some good ol’ boy with a MULLET. YUCK!

  • barbie2be says:

    EIW!!!!! i would NEVER date a mullet man!!! but thanks for stopping by!

  • I know, I am constantly wondering about the nuances of bad fashion lifestyles, like whether the person checked themself out in the mirror before they left the house that morning and said, “Yeah, lookin’ good, Tiger!”

    One possible theory of the mullet: My dad is 1) a psychologist in his late 50s 2) a former hippie and 3) a mini-mullet owner. In his case, I think it’s less obnoxious 1980s hockey hair and more a tiny nod to his former dashiki-wearing, jesus-haired glory. I don’t think he could ever bear to cut the entire “party in the back” off, because that would be like giving in to “the man.” Just a theory.

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