February 1, 2006

master of the obvious

today dear abby recommends ways to meet your true love. according to her, getting out to mingle increases your chances. apparently mr. right won’t just appear at your door. unless your mr. right is the ups man. I do have a friend who’s husband was the man in brown who delivered packages to her office (heh, packages. heh, and he delivered them to her).

a tip from one of abby’s readers: don’t pout. apparently it gives off a bad vibe. but if your mr. right is steven wright, he’d probably dig it. or richard lewis. he’s kind of a pouty guy.
oh, and mensa is a great place to meet “the one” if you’re a smarty mcbrainy. easier said than done, my friend. take the test and tell me how you did. see? not an option really.

I have no better advice of course. but just take all this with a grain of salt. several grains actually…surrounding a margarita glass. in fact, overindulge in those margaritas and fall on the first attractive person you see. now that’s a story to tell the grandchildren.

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