January 27, 2006

isn’t it ionic?

cat dander removal systemthe boy is allergic to cats. I know! me with an allergic-to-cats boy. the horror! so we splurged on an ionic breeze from sharper image. it quietly cleans the air, sucking away the cat dander and thus creating an allergy-free zone for the boy. those sharper image engineers must have worked for years on perfecting a their prototype, rigorously testing the breeze to offer us customers the best allergen/kitty litterbox smell-removal system on the market.

as a tech writer, I’m naturally good at figuring some things out; as an homage to my fellow tech writers, I should read the manual anyway. but it was so easy to figure out how to operate my new device. look:

step 1: open box

step 2: remove ionic breeze

step 3: cat enters empty box

step 4: close ionic breeze box and dispose of, cat and all, in the recycling bin

there ya go! cat dander all gone!

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