August 19, 2005

random useless information

This week’s Friday miscellany is: DANGEROUS FOOD AND DRINK

GABRIELLE D’ESTREES (1573-99): Mistress of Henry IV of France, who died from eating an ORANGE.

QUINTUS FABIUS MAXIMUS (fl.200BC): the Roman praetor who choked to death on a single goat-hair within a cup of MILK.

COLMAN ITADACH: the “Thirsty Monk” who, in strict observance of the Rule of St Patrick, refused to drink any water whilst working in the fields and died of THIRST.

GEORGE W. BUSH: 43rd President of the United States who, on 13 January 2002, at 5.35pm, lost consciousness for a few seconds after choking on a PRETZEL.

(c) 2003 Ben Schott, Schott’s Food & Drink Miscellany ™

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