October 22, 2005

boom bump boom boom

while searching online at 3 am for ways to make my inconsiderate loud music-playing neighbor miserable, I discovered some interesting stuff:

a face only a mother could love
just in time for halloween, these cute little devils are sure to scare up your parental insticts.

hey batter, batter, batter
there’s a new opera in the works that retells the nancy kerrigan/tonya harding “why….Why…WHY?” knee incident

give peace a chance (NSFW-not suitable for work)
even people who don’t consider themselves political activists will come together for this new movement. really, when you consider that this country is run by jerk-offs, this is quite appropriate.

happily ever after
I found this story quite by accident, on smithsonian’s site. so cute.

one of bill maher’s new rules this week

“let vikings be vikings. yes, there’s outrage that some minnesota vikings may have gone on a party cruise and then…partied. s’cuse me but what’s the point of getting your ribs crushed every week, if you can’t ocassionally get blown on a boat? besides, these are the minnesota vikings. they can’t always be the ones doing the sucking.”
(note from cath: let’s hope they suck tomorrow, for (e)’s sake.)

October 15, 2005

song/post theme today

10 perks of drinking coffee

1. keeps you alert
2. slightly increases metabolism and adds endurance during physical workouts
3. reduces the risk of type II diabetes
4. improves short-term memory (uh…what improves short-term memory?)
5. reduces the risk of liver disease
6. prevents degenerative diseases like parkinson’s
7. prevents the formation of gallstones
8. prevents certain cancers, like colon cancer and hepatic cancer
9. helps to relieve bronchial asthma symptoms
10. helps to reduce jetlag on long flights

so, go out and save a life, buy someone a latte. I recommend the pumpkin spice latte from starbucks. it’s like a happy autumn harvest in your mouth. an additional benefit: pumpkin spice lattes provide 50 to 60% of your daily calcium requirement, depending on the milk you choose.


but before you order this scrumptions concoction from your favorite barrista (who knows you by name), the diet conscious may want to consider this:

a grande with whole milk and whip has 480 calories, 190 of which are from fat. you do get the 10% boost in daily calcium.

a better choice is to order your grande with nonfat milk and no whip, which has only 290 calories, and zero fat.

now, aren’t you glad you checked my blog today?

September 14, 2005

all this time, I’ve been doing it wrong

but (e) taught me the right way :-)see for yourself, here: chisenbop

August 19, 2005

random useless information

This week’s Friday miscellany is: DANGEROUS FOOD AND DRINK

GABRIELLE D’ESTREES (1573-99): Mistress of Henry IV of France, who died from eating an ORANGE.

QUINTUS FABIUS MAXIMUS (fl.200BC): the Roman praetor who choked to death on a single goat-hair within a cup of MILK.

COLMAN ITADACH: the “Thirsty Monk” who, in strict observance of the Rule of St Patrick, refused to drink any water whilst working in the fields and died of THIRST.

GEORGE W. BUSH: 43rd President of the United States who, on 13 January 2002, at 5.35pm, lost consciousness for a few seconds after choking on a PRETZEL.

(c) 2003 Ben Schott, Schott’s Food & Drink Miscellany ™

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