August 25, 2009

Things that are awesome

Today is my birthday and it has been awesome.

I treat birthdays like a little kid does, and I like to celebrate for a week or so. If a card or box comes in the mail, I don’t wait until my actual birthday to open it because I want to open it NOW. Birthdays aren’t about the presents, I know, but I can’t help it! I love the presents! Today though, some of the best things were not presents. Don’t get me wrong, I received some lovely things from my family and friends, I’m just saying that the non-present stuff was pretty kickass too.

The boot camp girls sang happy birthday to me while we did our post-workout stretching. Hearing people sing to me usually makes me cry (I’m a sap like that) but I was too busy stretching out my sore glutes to cry.

My birthday latte from Peet’s. It wasn’t free; I bought it for myself, but it was a treat and oh so delicious.

I spent the afternoon at Preston-Wynne Spa in Saratoga with my friend Rachel. I got a seaweed detoxifying body wrap and an hour-long massage. After the body wrap, the aesthetician applied a fabulous body-smoothing oil and while she was massaging it into my arms, she siad, “Wow! You have some serious muscle in your arms!” and when she did my stomach, she said, “And your abs have a lot of muscle too.” So, the bootcamp is paying off! After the treatments, they brought Rachel and me each a glass of champagne, which almost put us to sleep after our relaxing treatments. My body wrap technician found the last bottles of Tunisian Flower body wash, skin smoother and sugar scrub that they had in the spa. It has been discontinued, so I was very excited to buy the last of it! I wish you could smell it because it smells like vacation on a tropical island.

When I got home there were more presents and cards in the mailbox – YAY!

USA aired two episodes of Law & Order SVU that I have never seen before. That never happens.

If you’re not on Facebook, you should be because on your birthday you get about a million birthday wishes written on your wall. Too much fun!

You should also be on Twitter and you should tweet something about how it would be really cool if a celebrity you follow sent you a happy birthday tweet. Because then you might get something like this:

Now I’m headed to dinner with the hubby – nothing too fancy because I’m still doing the 10-week boot camp challenge, but after Saturday when I get my body fat tested again (update on that after I get the results), there will be mouth-watering filet mignon and many other illegal foods (along with copious amounts of red wine). See? I told you I like celebrating for more than just one day.

January 20, 2009

01.20.09 – Change

I’ll bet you can guess how many pennies are in the photo.