February 17, 2010

Help me convince my husband

…that this sweet little girl needs to come live with us. I think she’s a shih-tzu/maltese mix, but I’m not sure. She’s around 4 months old, I think? All I know is she is so freaking cute and I’m a person who loves BIG dogs. But this one has won me over completely. I’m therefore wh0ring for comments to help me state my case. GAH she’s so cute I cannot stand it! And aren’t you all sick of cat pictures?

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  • Michele says:

    She is SO cute!! What is his opposition to having a dog? I had to work on my husband for a long time to get a dog and now he is just crazy about our dog. Little dogs are easy (in my opinion) because more people are willing to watch a little dog if you are out of town & they are very easy to take with you if you are so inclined. My dog is carry on, she can go under my seat and travel with me back and forth to CA.

  • Finn says:

    Has he MET her? One little kiss and I think he’ll be smitten.

  • Tobie says:

    Dogs are the best! I also have two cats and I always thought that people who said cats were snobby and aloof were full of crap. But compared to pure adoration of my dog, they are kind of bitchy. I hope you can convince him!

  • Sandi says:

    If the dog doesn’t bark, sniff crotches, or jump on people – and if she can be trained to use a litter box and take her own walks every day – then I’ll help convince Matte!

  • Mil says:

    she’s adorable. not as cute as a border terrier or westie(i am prejudiced) but soooo sweet looking. and andy’s mom trained their little dog to use a litter box with newspapers.

  • sizzle says:

    She’s like a little Ewok! I want to cuddle her.

  • Aunt Chris says:

    Well, as a giant-standard-poodle-turned-mini-schnauzer-owner person, I vote YES! And as the family dog trainer, I vote — well, ‘do it right’, i guess! Crate train her (at 4 mos, she needs to be let out every 4 hours — who’s gonna come home from work?) some good crate training materials at
    Find a puppy socialization class — they get puppies off to the best start! and if you clicker train her, you’ll have the MOST fun! Pepper is my hobby, as you may know, and he and I have a totally different and more rewarding relationship since we learned clicker training and also started doing fun sports/games together. Of course, you can still ahve a lot of fun with her just teaching her to play with toys and to love walks with you.
    Please do NOT watch Dog Whisperer (based on very faulty wolf-pack ideas and too much punishment).
    Have tons of fun. She will be a clown, i predict! and a great photo subject!
    Matte loves dogs. What’s with dragging his feet?

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