October 11, 2009

7 Days:Day 7 – Silver Slipper

7 Days:Day 7 - Silver Slipper
And another season of 7 Days comes to an end. This round was really fun because I stretched my creativity muscle where I could. On Day 1 made it into Flickr’s Explore (YAY!), on Day 2 I tried something I never had done before, on Day 3 I posed like a football fan, on Day 4 I did five million handstands, on Day 5 I shot a happy accident, on Day 6 I headed out of town and shot the self-portrait with my iPhone, and on Day 7 I used my iPhone again to shoot myself on the Las Vegas Strip. I highly recommend the Best Camera app if you have an iPhone and like shooting with it. It’s pretty freaking cool.

I already can’t wait for the next session of 7 Days! Thanks for another fun run, guys!

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