October 6, 2009

7 Days:Day 4 – Handstand #64

7 Days:Day 4 - Handstand #64
In case you were thinking of attempting a photo of yourself doing a handstand, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Change out of work clothes into jeans and Chuck Taylors, even though no one will be able to tell you are wearing Chuck Taylors
  2. Optional: if you’re wearing a white shirt with a black bra, change into a bra of a less trampy color (I missed this step)
  3. Set your camera on a stool because you are too lazy to get the tripod out of your trunk
  4. Turn on your camera’s remote timer and grab the remote trigger thingee
  5. Stand still and pose for a photo to set the focus
  6. Press the remote and wait for the shutter to click. Don’t forget to smile!
  7. Take note of where you are standing before walking to check the photo on your camera’s LCD
  8. If you are in focus in the shot, your setup is done. If not, fiddle around with the camera a bit and go back to step number 5
  9. Switch the camera to manual focus
  10. Return to your original spot and press the remote button
  11. Quickly do a handstand, flinging the remote across the lawn in the process
  12. When you hear the shutter click, you can put your feet back on the ground
  13. Run to the camera to check the shot
  14. Notice that your handstand was not at all perpendicular to the ground
  15. Walk back to the grass and realize you cannot find the remote
  16. Crawl around on the grass looking for the remote, forgetting that grass makes you itch everywhere
  17. Eventually find your remote about 5 feet away from where you did the handstand
  18. Repeat from step number 10 just 62 more times
  19. See? Easy!

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