April 5, 2008

Worth crowing about

This morning I heard some birds going nuts outside. When I went out to the patio to check it out, I saw five crows sitting on one tree. They were squawking about a dead pigeon on the lawn. Most of the crows left to go do whatever it is crows do, but this one stayed so I could take its photo. How nice of him.

30 Tiny Moments #5:Crowing

This photo was taken for of the 30 Tiny Moments group on Flickr.

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  • Denise says:

    that’s awesome. so crisp, it looks like Toile (that French fabric style-) (I know you know what that is).

  • Mandy Lou says:

    Lovely shot – great lighting. And that’s saying a lot, cause I’m not a big fan of crows.

  • Aunt Chris says:

    Sure it’s a crow? Crows usually aren’t too interested in carrion. Ravens are. We have Ravens in Santa Fe. They are the smartest birds, I’m told. Big brains — for a bird. They live 4 times longer than crows and will make all kinds of unusual vocalizations. Crows just make one ordinary annoying sound.

  • Catherine says:

    Wow, that is a-fucking-mazing. Love that. Excellent.

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