March 8, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please

I’d like you to meet the latest member of our family. Are you sitting down? Good. Prepare yourself to surrender to the cuteness that is…

Monsieur Desmond D. Saturate

Desmond D. Saturate

We got up at o’dark thirty today to drive all the way to Sacramento to get him. And it wasn’t until we were about 10 miles from home that he pooped in the carrier, on my sweatshirt I got from the March of Dimes for being a Top Fundraiser. Hmfph. What is it with me and kitty cats pooping in carriers in my car? Poor little guy. He just really had to go!

Desmond is sequestered from Daphne right now so she does not eat him. She’s not real thrilled about this invasion, but I think in time she’ll be fine. She hasn’t even seen him yet really. She’s only heard him, and when she did, she took refuge under the couch. One look at his supreme adorableness and she will be putty in his hands, I’m sure. But for now, she hates me and loves Matte.

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