March 6, 2008

I think I just stepped in a big pile of SAUCY!*

I could shop on Etsy for days. I just adore looking at all the pretty things. There are so many shiny, sparkly, cute, sweet, kickass items for sale at Etsy and I need almost none of them. But I do need a cute little apron, like the ones here. (Yes! I do! I need it!) So, I entered this contest over at Loralee’s Looney Tunes to win a free one. Because 1) I love free stuff; 2) I love winning; and 3) if I had this apron, I would cook more. Naked. (I just added that for more hits coming from “cook naked” on Google, by the way.) But seriously! This apron would help me channel my inner Rachael Ray (who I hear is a bitch but we were born on the exact same day) and make some fine vittles for my husband. Can’t you just see me baking homemade snickerdoodles, with flour on my cheeks and nose, puttering around my kitchen in this Saucy Dots apron? It is Teh Cuteness, no? If I don’t win, you want to buy it for me, don’t you?

*Yeah, I know the quote from Phil Hartman is sassy, but it just didn’t work as well here.

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