December 4, 2007

I <3

Have you ever met someone with whom you felt an instant connection? A person you knew you could be with for, possibly, the rest of your life? I’m talking about the kind of person, who, when you find them, you know you are done looking. For good. For most people, like me, it can take years to find this special someone. Someone who gets you. Who understands your fears, and even encourages you to embrace and overcome them. This person will hold your hand and make you feel safe while you confront these fears and smack those bitches down.

Most of us at one time or another have thought we’ve had someone like that, but inevitably something happens to break our trust in that person. The one who used to fulfill our needs suddenly just doesn’t do it for us. It’s hard not to place blame when things go wrong, but when they do, if we’re smart, we leave. Even a glutton for punishment will learn that when it’s not right, it’s best to move on.

But after you’ve left a relationship, it’s so hard to trust again. It’s hard to put yourself out there and start over. And yet. You must do it. Often a friend will offer to help (“Hey, I know someone for you!”). Out of desperation, sometimes we take a friend up on their offer. And even if we have to go from person to person to person, eventually the right one comes along.

When we do find them, we hesitate at first, afraid of being disappointed once again. But in time, the trepidation disappears and we open ourselves up to new experiences. Past heartbreak is forgotten and we are happy again.

And once in a while, we get so caught up in this person that we do things with them that we never would have considered doing with anyone else. Something that once was outlandish and crazy suddenly becomes rational, because we have the confidence to do something new, something spontaneous. Before we have time to think much about it, we’re already doing it. Because this is just the person to broaden our horizons.

I have found such a person. We met through a mutual friend. And yesterday, as I sat in a leather chair, I let her color my highlighted-for-years blond hair to brown-red.

I <3 my hairdresser.


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