December 1, 2007


I ran eight miles today along the coast of Half Moon Bay. It was gorgeous. And damn hard, let me tell you. Even with the five-minute run, 1 minute walk, it was still hard. And far. And the friggin’ wind made it seem like I was running in place for about 3 of those miles.

pacific ocean

Since Half Moon Bay isn’t near my house, I needed to find a way to ice myself other than my usual post-run ice bath. Sitting in a car for an hour sort of lessens the benefit of the ice bath, since you’re supposed to do it soon after the run. So I rolled up my pant legs as far as I could and walked into the ocean. We stood there for 10 minutes, my TNT teammates and I, our teeth chattering. It was freezing, but if I didn’t do it, I’d be so much more sore than I will already be when I try to get out of bed tomorrow.

And I officially changed the event I’m training for. I’m doing the Napa FULL marathon. That means I only need to run just over three times further than I did today. Uhm…yeah.

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