November 24, 2007

Is it December 1 yet? Sheesh!

NaBloPoMo bites. If I were not forced to post every day, I might post something insightful. As it is, I am putting up this post just to meet my deadline.

I now give you my latest TV obsessions:

Dexter. Are you not watching this show? What is WRONG with you? I never was attracted to the sweet and gay David Fisher on Six Feet Under (Nate is another story). But when Michael C. Hall plays a serial killer? Damn HOT. For serious. (This does worry me a bit. That I find a killer sexy.)

The Biggest Loser. I’ve said it before and yada yada, but really. These people inspire me. I watch them work their assess off (literally) and it makes me think I can and will complete a half marathon in a few short months.

Grey’s Anatomy. If they could just DO SOMETHING with Meredith. She bugs. And I don’t want Izzy and George sleeping together. But other than that, I love the characters, the story lines, the soundtrack. When they run out of episodes, I will be sad.

How I Met Your Mother. I love this show. The humor is intelligent, and gets away with many dirty jokes. And I love that. I hope they never tell us who Your Mother is, because I love the search.

Project Runway. OMG. Designing something for SJP’s Bitten line? Could they BE more excited? I don’t have a strong favorite, but Spit-marking Elisa bugs. I’m sure she’ll go far in the competition and they are just editing her to be a freak. It makes for better TV. I envy Monique L’huillier’s haircolor. Also? I love Tim Gunn with the heat of a thousand suns. (OK, not like that, but I want him to fix me and the crap in my closet.)

Saturday Night Live. Which is no longer airing on Saturdays, nor is it live these days. The writer’s strike has put the kaibosh on it. If you gave up on this show long ago, go back to it, when/if it returns. They have some excellent writers (now on strike) and never fail to make me laugh. Amy Pohler is my hero and Kristin Wiig kills me with her one-upper character and one of the Two A-Holes.

Damages. I know it’s over for the season but, DUDE. This show is like a feature film every week. The suspense is insane. The way they separate flashbacks from present day is ingenious and gritty and oh so good. Catch it in reruns, or rent DVDs so you’ll be ready for next season. It’s raw and nail-biting and just plain awesome. Glenn Close plays a raging bitch. (What else is new?)

Now I need to go eat some pizza and drink some beer because it’s Saturday.

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  • Saj says:

    I’m in complete agreement with you on SNL! I also love Kristin Wiig as the Target woman.

    And I will forever love Grey’s. McDreamy…mmmmmmmm!

    And after Tim Gunn fixes you and your closet, can you send him my way?

  • I’m with you on Damages. I would find myself holding my breath through much of it. Can’t wait for next year.

    As for Thanksgiving, this year I am very greatful that I’m not part of NaBloMoPo!

  • Alison says:

    Yeah, it’s really NaBLOWMoPo, huh?

    Also, Tim Gunn can come and fix my closet any day.

  • Tobie says:

    Dexter rules! I about died when Doakes found the slides.

    Gery’s – I wish Izzy wasn’t such a push over and thank god George was sleeping in a sleeping bag, not with Izzy.

    I love Kit Pistol on PR! Is it just me or is Heidi a little more feisty this season?

  • Cindy Lou says:

    Oh yeah…I always forget that they’re talking about how I met your mother on How I Met Your Mother.

  • Mandy Lou says:

    I blame you… If I hadn’t read your blog I would never have clicked on NaBloPoMo. I’m so tired of blogging nothing!

    I’m with you on G-Izzy, they need to break up – but at least the music still rocks.

    And thank goodness for P-Run, even if NaBloPoMo makes me nuts, P-Run keeps me sane!

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