November 17, 2007

Hey, so, yeah, that wasn’t a good idea

During today’s SIX MILE run, it started out kind of chilly. My feet were freezing, and my two big toes were rather numb. But, that was welcome as I’ve been worried about pain in my feet. No feeling means no pain, so yay! Eventually my toes thawed out and I started to feel like there was a little something sharp poking one of my toes. Maybe there was a tiny rock in my sock? Whatever. I blew it off and kept running for SIX MILES. And all was fine and lovely and when we reached the finish line, we were greeted by BREAKFAST! Scrambled eggs! Pancakes! Bacon! And coffee and orange juice. And I ate it all, sitting on a freezing cold bench (which was nice, kind of like a giant ice pack).

Then I came home and found Matte STILL IN BED. He was awake, but lounging and watching the Ohio State/Michigan game. I took off my shoes and noticed one of my socks was kind of pinkish. When I took the sock off, there was blood over the entire toe of my sock. I am SO hardcore, dude! Running while bleeding. Awesome.

Awesomely stupid.

My toes are lame. They don’t lie right, but pile atop one another. And one of them had smooshed itself against its neighbor, and dug it its toenail into it. It was the tiniest little cut, but I guess with the constant pounding for SIX MILES it irritated it more.

I should have stopped when it first started hurting (I know, Matte, I know!) and next time I will.

But I still sort of feel like a badass chick, pushing through the pain and all. And I have a nice bloody sock trophy to show for it.

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