November 16, 2007

The more you know

The other day, I needed to know something. And I needed to know the answer RIGHT NOW. I hate to admit this, but I did a Google search to find the answer to this question:

“What is Kenny G’s last name?”

Turns out his last name is GodawfulbadhairhavingsaxplayerwhosellsrecordstowhomIdonotknowbecausehismusicsucksass.

Or, it might be Gorelick.

But his music still sucks.

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  • Saj says:

    I think the only thing worse than his music is what he looks like when he’s playing!

  • Ain’t Google wonderful!

  • wi says:

    Surely you don’t dislike saxaphone players? You share your life with one who was quite good, and your sil also played. But I don’t disagree with your characterization of Kenny G(oshawful).

  • (e) says:

    As bad as everyone thinks his music is, and I’m not saying I “like” his music, the guy is an incredibly talented player. Circular breathing, when you can play one continuous note forEVER no matter how monotonous it is (or even multiple notes if you move your fingers), is NOT an easy ability to master. I started teaching myself and gave up because, well, I don’t play anymore.

    But, yeah, I’d rather listen to Celine Dion.

  • Annie says:

    so what do you really think about his music??

  • Jenni says:

    In my opinion, Kenny G’s music is worse than fingernails on the chalkboard. It makes my eyes twitch, and not in a good way.

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