October 30, 2007


5.6 on the Richter scale. Damn thing almost broke our wine glasses!

It was one of those that you hear before you feel, and it lasted a long time. 10 seconds. It started, and seemed to let up and then got strong again. It didn’t feel like a rolling, more like a jerking, like when someone with too fat an ass bumps your chair while you are enjoying your meal in a fine dining establishment.

My sister called from San Francisco (although the epicenter was closer to San Jose) and said (and I quote) “holy f#%k!” She was watching one of her Oakland A’s bobbleheads bobble it’s head off during the quake.

I’ve been through earthquakes before, many times, including the one in 1989 which struck on October 17th…a TUESDAY! In OCTOBER! Coincidence? I don’t think so! AND? AND!!! It happened during the World Series which WOULD have been on tonight at the time of the quake if the Red Sox hadn’t swept it in 4. OOOh! Also, during the 1989 quake? I was sitting on the couch! Watching TV! I am telling you…NOT a coincidence! (Insert Twilight Zone music.)

Below is photographic evidence of the destruction in our apartment:

(In)action figures
These guys fell down. Although, it looks like that one dude knocked down the purple lady. Perfect opportunity to steal her purse.

Scary green man passed out in fright
This green man got so scared, he passed out and fell off the shelf. Sadly, he didn’t land feet-first.

Fallen angel
This angel was on the top shelf, and fell to the bottom. She is one of a set of 2 called “Sisters”. The two figures’ hands clasp together.

One angel is on the top shelf, but her companion is on the bottom shelf. I don’t know how she flew off one shelf then flew back into the bookcase. Probably being an angel had something to do with it.

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  • Kathy says:

    I bet ‘those guys’ were just waiting for an opportunity like that.

    I think I’ll stay in AZ. ; )

  • Saj says:

    I can only imagine what Mom is going to write to you guys! “Do you have your emergency preparedness kit?”

    But I was really worried about you guys when I woke up this morning and heard (yes, I was sleeping by 10:00 my time last night, so I didn’t hear about it!).

    So Matte finally felt a decent earthquake???

  • Denise says:

    I was wondering about you two, since I heard the epicenter was down your way. We felt it too, big time.

  • Finn says:

    Apparently I live in a cave. Didn’t even hear about it. Glad everyone’s OK.

  • mcgee says:

    around the time this earthquake happened last night, i was in the kitchen cooking and j. was at the computer. and we DID NOT FEEL IT. it seems like we’re the only ones who didn’t. hmmm…

    mayhaps because we’re at the base of a solid hill in the sunset? i’m kind of bummed that we missed out on the quake.

  • Sandi says:

    Ed and I just held on to our tv trays for a few seconds and that was it. I mean, we were watching NCIS for corn’s sake – couldn’t just stop!

  • Jenni says:

    The kids were completely freaked out by the quake. Of course, we were on the third story of our townhouse, so the shaking was a lot more pronounced. Dang! It was like 1989 all over again.

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