October 16, 2007

Good things come in itsy bitsy teensy weensy packages

It's little

My love for apple knows no bounds. I needed a new iPod. I did! So, yeah. I have a 30GB video iPod, but it’s too big to put on an armband for the gym, so I had to get something smaller. I had to. Hence, the nano. Plus, I had Amazon gift certificates, so it was practically free, dontchyaknow. And because I am supremely nerdy, the first song I put on it was Feist’s 1234. But at least it wasn’t Donny and Marie!

Now, please, pretty please send me ideas for songs to put on my new wee little nano. I need songs to huff and puff to while I run on the treadmill or do whatever the act is called that you perform on the elliptical (ellipticize? ellipt?). I have to prove that I really needed this, so I have to take it to the gym. And that means, I have to actually go to the gym. So please support my fitness endeavor by leaving a peppy joggable song title in the comments. I promise to think of you every time it plays.

Seriously though, isn’t it the tiniest, cutest thing ever?

It's diminutive

I’m totally sleeping with it tonight.

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