July 12, 2007

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere

Today I felt like blowing bubbles. Daphne used to love these catnip bubbles we have but they lost their bubble-ness from lack of use. I found a tiny bottle of bubbles (that’s fun to say: bottle of bubbles, emphasize the t’s and it sounds really cute) left over from my bridal shower and started puffing at the little dipper thingee.

As soon as the bubbles started spewing, Daphne was fixated. She hopped up and tried to grab them in her front paws. She swatted at them. She meowed for more, when they had all dissipated in the air (or popped on the floor).

But as with everything else, she eventually grew tired of it and went to take a nap.

But I wanted to blow more bubbles and I wanted to get a shot of the bubbles emerging from the wand. That was easier said than done.

I set up the tripod and the camera, and tried a few shots. Either I was out of focus, or I waited too long to blow, and missed the shot entirely, or I had a dud scoop of bubble juice in the wand.

Eventually, though, with Matte’s help in focusing the lens on the right subject (me), I got this shot. It’s part of the 7 Days group I’m participating in on flickr.

7 Days:Day 6 - Bubbles

Next time 7 Days comes around, you should play. It’s fun. This is my second time participating in it and it really makes me think about what to take photos of. Plus, I get to meet new flickr friends. You can view the rest of this week’s shots here.

Friday is the last day…what shall I capture myself doing?

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  • Saj says:

    We love bubbles around our house! “Bubbies” as Caden says. He and Noah act pretty much the same way Daphne does-fun, jumping around, then time to do something else! I’ve been trying to get a shot of them while I’m blowing bubbles, but without more than a point and shoot right now, it’s a little tough!

    I’m going to look into the 7 Days group, if I ever get my blog started! But we’ve got a new computer (a great toy!) and I’m motivated-for now!

  • Kristin says:

    Wow, you are a great blower! 🙂 Pffttt!

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