November 30, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday: Friday December 1st

It’s DECEMBER ALREADY. How did that happen? In 32 days we’ll be in 2007. There are only 24 shopping days until Christmas. Are you finished shopping? Did you start? OK. Enough of that.

It’s not yet 10 p.m. and I am about to hit the sack so I can get up at 5:15 for the last day of bootcamp (this week). But not until I post my SPF pictures. I have priorities, you know!

The assignment was this:
1. Something that makes you go “hmmm.”
2. Something sweet
3. Something retro

Hmmm…I thought about posting a photo of something that makes me go “hmmm,” but I decided to shoot something that would make you go “hmmm.” I saw the spark of light this created and had to take a photo. Do you know what this is?

Sweet! Oh yes, this was sweet. It’s my dessert from dinner tonight. I consider it research because it is from the restaurant that will cater our reception, so I had to eat it. It’s a caramel brownie s’more and it has tiny little Golden Grahams sprinkled all over the vanilla ice cream on top of the rich chocolate brownie. Chocolate and caramel sauces are strategically drizzled throughout, and a slab of scorched marshmallow is propped up next to it. I’ll have to run really fast and far tomorrow to make up for this one.
Caramel brownie s'more

This is my retro record collection. Several of these albums are also in digital form on my iPod. I don’t know why I keep these vinyl versions because I no longer have a record player, but I just can’t bear to part with them. I have other albums in my closet that are too embarrassing to photograph and post, like that one by my childhood favorites, the brother and sister duo from Utah.

Did you play? If not, you must confess in the comments my telling me your most embarrassing album/CD/cassette tape in your collection.

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  • some girl says:

    I have ALL of those albums stored away in the garage. Let’s see..Duran Duran..and the Psychedlic Furs! Love My Way and the Ghost In You! I had to put them on my Ipod..and Scritti Politi! Memories!

    🙂 LOVE IT!

  • some girl says:

    Wait, and now I see Tears For Fears!

  • Uzz says:

    I am going with a wine glass in the first pic! Excellent shot! As for the CDs, I have all of that stuff as well! I am what is known as an OCD music collector…I have well over 3000 CDs and I must admit that I have a few I would rather not admit, but thankfully nothing like Richard Marx or Michael Bolton…I would have to take my own life. As an aside…have you heard the new Grant Lee Phillips? Its called “Nineteeneightees” and is full of covers of some of the great songs from the 80s, including New Order, Echo & the Bunnymen, R.E.M., The P-Furs and the Church…great CD!!!

    I played this week as well, so come on by! Have a great weekend!

  • Friglet says:

    Wow, we listened to the same music! I have some of those same records. 🙂

    I don’t know what the first picture is, but that dessert looks like heaven!

    I played. 🙂

  • kerrianne says:

    A wine glass reflection?

    (Whatever it is, it sure is pretty.)

    Happy! Friday.

  • Tutu says:

    Great SPF. There is a device you can buy that transfers vinyls to cd’s Hammacher-Schlemmer if you want to save those. My most embarrassing is Surfing With The Astronauts.

  • christie says:

    omg that dessert looks sooooooooo good 🙂

  • SilverWillow says:

    Hmmm…I think the sparkle of light is from spirits…well, the fermented kind, that is. tee-hee Dessert looks scrumptious and SWEET, yum-yum! For the private retro collection, since I “played” this week…I don’t have to confess! LOL

  • Army of Mom says:

    Oh, I love the LPs. I had a bunch and finally got rid of them because I knew I could never play them again. I love your collection! I do still have some of my Beatles albums. I couldn’t part with them.

    Good SPF. I think I gained weight just looking at your dessert picture!

    I played.

  • SuZan says:

    Oh I love the old LP’s too. Hubby and I have a good collection but have to find a turntable needle.

    Great SPF! I played too.

  • Alison says:

    Okay, that’s a wine glass.

    The dessert looks too good. Yum-o!

    And those albums? Yeah. Since I’m not playing, I guess I have to tell you my most embarrassing music purchase. It might be Anastasia’s second album. I can’t even remember what it’s called.

  • Lisa says:

    I’m going into a sugar daze just looking at that dessert but it looks delicious!

    I see Duran Duran and INXS albums that I had!

  • Dawn says:

    i am going to guess that’s a shadow & reflection off a wine glass? that is one cool shot though! and that dessert… ::drools::

    happy SPF! i played too. =)

  • Hemlock says:

    DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE VINYL!!! Not sure why, but don’t do it! It’s wrong.

    I will also guess that it’s a wine glass in the first picture.

    That dessert? Oh. My. God. Divine!!! I have to say that I loved Golden Grahams as a kid, but I don’t think they sell them here any more. 🙁 I think I might have to do some research of my own!

    I played too!

  • music_mama says:

    I played, girlfriend! I think you’ll like my 80s theme, too.

    I still think Rio is one of the top 10 ultimate songs.

    Love Golden Grahams. Sometimes I get the cereal bars now.

  • Saj says:

    My teeth hurt looking at the picture! But I knew you were a perfect fit for this family, and that dessert just clinched it!
    Oh, and since I don’t play, I’ll confess to one of my tapes (I think I still have it around somewhere). I’m a bit younger, you know, but still have some embarrassing stuff! How about Nelson? I actually saw them in concert! (Do you still want to marry my brother?)

  • delaine says:

    I thought it was some kinda water shot but then I got districated with the weight gain from that desert.

    I don’t have the vinyl but many, many cassettes. Ick! How in the world did we suffer so with such bad sound quality?

    I played.

  • I have Those Records!! (And The Record Player to still play them on!)

  • Carmi says:

    That snap of the light in the first picture is utterly magical. Great capture!

  • I think I have some of those albums…

    I played

  • Jenni says:

    Something that makes you go hmmmm must have been a wine glass reflection. I wanted to play this week too, but didn’t have time to pull it together. You did a great SPF though! I hope you aren’t too sore this weekend from bootcamp.

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