November 9, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday

Kristine gave us a break again this week.

The simple assignment is:
1. YES
2. NO

Yes, I used to love Pinocchio. He was my favorite Disney character from the first time I saw the movie, and made my mom sit through it a second time. When I was little, Pinoke was even my invisible friend. So I paid homage to him on the vanity plate of my old car (a 1989 Mazda 323).

No, I have never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But Matte has, and this is his old plate. The other day when Rocky Horror was on TV, Matte was doing the whole routine. And I didn’t get it. In fact, it kind of scared me a little bit.
Rocky Horror

Maybe I’ll have some ice cream when I’m done posting. But vanilla is like a blank canvas, it begs for some color and flavor. So maybe I will add some chocolate chips. And maybe some whipped cream. And maybe some warm caramel sauce. OK, and maybe fudge too.
Ice cream

Did you play this week? Yes? No? Maybe? If you did, I’ll share my ice cream with you.

TGIF, peeps!

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  • SilverWillow says:

    “When You Wish Upon A Star”…ahhh, my favorite Disney tune. And you are not alone – NO, I have never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show either, and frankly, Tim Curry just scares me period! And to your “MAYBE”, I’ll take my B&J with raspberries and hot fudge sauce. YUM! Great SPF! Mine is up also.
    Have a HAPPY FRIDAY!

  • nodramas says:

    Awww I didnt play so I guess I get no ice-cream. I did visit tho so maybe I should get some points 🙂
    Happy SPF!!!
    I always liked Micca Mouse (Mickey Mouse) hehe

  • christie says:

    happy spf! I played

  • Kami says:

    You have to go see Rocky Horror sometime! Just once.

  • wi says:

    omg. you are a rocky horror virgin! even your future m-i-l has seen this movie several times. i love tim curry, and he has fantastic legs. the two of you will have to go see it at the oriental where it is the longest continuous showing in the country. every sat. night at midnight. you could go on the 30th. it’s just a jump to the left.

  • Lisa says:

    How funny that you’ve never seen Rocky Horror! It’s a cult classic. I think it grows on you with time. My big sis introduced me to it when I was younger and it took me a while to come around. 🙂

    I vote hot fudge on the vanilla ice cream. Sounds good!

    Happy SPF and I played too.

  • Saj says:

    Wow-I’m amazed you’ve never seen Rocky Horror, after being with my brother for over a year! It’s bizarre, and I have to admit I haven’t seen it in person, but just watching with Matte is basically like the real thing! Maybe we should check it out?
    Oh, and I drove the “Warp-mobile” for a while-a great Toyota hatchback thing that would sometimes die at a stoplight when it rained!

  • Jana says:

    Rocky Horror is definitely scary the first time you see it. And not scary in a good way. But before you know it you’ll be throwing toast at the screen.

    I played. I’ll take my ice cream with chocolate sauce, please.

  • Caylynn says:

    Cool license plates!

    The ice cream sounds delicious – yum! 🙂

    My photos are up. Have a good weekend. 🙂

  • (e) says:

    MMMMMM. Rocky Rocky Rah Rah Rah!!!!!! I don’t know where to begin… too … many… lines….

    But the 30th sounds like a GREAT idea!!!! heh.

    She’ll never marry me after that, though. 🙂

  • Nichole M says:

    wow… a license plate dedicated to Pinocchio. That *is* love! Hope your ice cream was good — and flavorful! I played, too. 🙂

  • Teena says:

    I LUV “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”!!!!

    I played too 🙂

  • delaine says:

    Those are some cute plates to have. I’ve never had personalized plates. Maybe one day…

    Now, you’ve made me hungry for ice cream. I prefer Rocky Road.

    I played.

  • Uzz says:

    I think I could party with you’ll! LOL! Rocky Horror is a must at least once…I used to go on a regular basis when I was younger, but it lost it appeal after awhile.

    I played as well, so come on by!

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