November 5, 2006


Yesterday on the way to meet with a wedding photographer in Pleasanton, Matte and I saw a heard of goats standing right next to the highway. Next to, as in three feet away from asphalt. These goats were not spread out across a vast field, they stood packed onto a small incline, in a place they seemed they did not belong. The only thing separating the goats from the speeding cars was a flimsy-looking fence. A low, flimsy-looking fence. Any goat with a death wish could have hurdled the fence, and been immediately thrown into a terrifying real-life game of Frogger.

But these goats weren’t bothered by the noise or peril of passing traffic, nor did they act displaced. In fact, they were oblivious to it all, intently eating the golden weeds and grass on the hill. The sight caught me off-guard. One doesn’t expect to encounter such a thing, at such a place. It was like seeing Nicole Richie scarfing a dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme.*

On the way home, I kept my eyes peeled for the goats. I needed to make sure Matte and I hadn’t been hallucinating. Sure enough, there they were, still dining on the fine vegetation off Highway 680. But this time, I noticed something else. A sign on the hill that read “Goats R Us.” What the hell is Goats R Us?

Being the investigative type I am, I consulted Google to find the answer. Goats R Us is a family-owned business that “rents out” goats to aid in weed eradication and brush reduction. Too lazy to whack your own weeds? Sure, you could hire a gardener to help, but why do that when you can get your goat(s) for just $700 an acre. Just look how cute they are! (Images from Goats R Us.)


Doesn’t sound like such a baaaa-d idea to me!

*Matte came up with that analogy. The best I could compare it to was seeing Tom Cruise presenting at a Psychiatrist’s convention.

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  • Denise says:

    Those goats are funny. Imagine one day waking up and finding them in your backyard! That’s what happened to us at our old house, which had a field behind out fence. I will have to scan some photos. They were so entertaining, I didn’t watch tv for a whole weekend. The mommies and babies have familial bleating sounds, at dusk they bleat til they find each other then they settle down in pairs. Very sweet.

  • wi says:

    i love your blogs. you certainly have a way with words. great analogy from matte, too. they are almost as cute as sheep which i have thought would be great in our back yard. no mowing, and fertilizer for the garden.

  • Saj says:

    Yes, they’re cute, but kind of gross, no? I have a pretty significant fear of those petting zoos-I won’t let my kids too close. The germs!!! But the thought of not having to deal with weeds and brush like we do now…not too terrible.

  • My MOM always tells a story about how she was Pregnant with me and at A Pettign Zoo somewhere. And A Goat chewed off The Bottom Of Her Dress. Seeing as ths was The Late ’60s, i assume The Dress was made from Polyester.

    To this day, I Don’t Like Goats. (Although those pics are Cute.)

  • meredith says:

    Great. Now I want a goat…

  • Jenni says:

    My friend had a pet goat. He was black and white and very cute. She thought so too until he started eating all her stuff. Now, i beleive he works for Goats R Us! Small world….

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