July 6, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday: Wedding Eve Edition

Kristine is getting married. SATURDAY. And she still had time to assign an SPF. As if she doesn’t have other more pressing issues to worry about!

This week it’s:

1. Your Love (show us some love)
2. Take us on a Honeymoon! (bring us somewhere with your pictures)
3. Something Blue (No sad faces before my wedding!)

First up, my love. I know you’re all expecting to see Matte here. But that’s a given, plus, he’ll appear a bit later. I could also have submitted my cats, but then I’d get all those Crazy Cat Lady comments. And I’m completely sane. The object of my affection is Fresca. Taunt if you will, but pop open a can. A few years ago I brought it to a BBQ and my friends scoffed “Fresca? Is that stuff even still around?” But now, I can’t go to one of their houses without seeing it as a beverage choice. It’s fabulous.

I’ve never been on a honeymoon, my own or anyone else’s, but when I do go on one, I’d like it to be tropical, like this scene. My friend Mary Beth took this photo of me in Destin, FL a couple of years ago. Check out my savage tan. I don’t think I’ve ever been more relaxed than when I was floating around on that raft, without a care in the world, except how I could have a beer brought out to me.

My choice for something blue is Matte’s eye. He has another one just like it. Unfortunately I couldn’t quite capture the blueness of his peepers, but they’re quite blue. And he has naturally long eyelashes that I want to transplant to my lids. I could gaze into his baby blues for days, but I have a job to go to. By the way, he has perfect vision out of those eyeballs. No glasses or contacts necessary.
Something blue

Did you play? Kristine did, a little, and she’s getting married Saturday. See, there are some things that take precedent over SPF, but not very many.

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