June 22, 2006


While waiting for the traffic light to change, I looked over at the car dealership on the corner. There was a convertible MINI Cooper on the lot for sale. I love MINI Coopers. They’re so cute and small and zippy. I would look so good driving around in one of those.

A used MINI on a non-MINI car lot doesn’t seem so out of the ordinary, I know. But it was parked next to a HUMMER, as this was a HUMMER dealership. You could practically drive the MINI up a ramp and into the back of the obnoxiously huge and outrageously overpriced gas guzzler. You could transport your little car around for those times when you feel the urge to zoom around with the wind blowing through your hair. The MINI would also be handy when you dont’t have the $100 required to fill your HUMMER tank, acting as a reserve tank.

I wondered what kind of person makes such a drastic change in their preferred method of transportation. Who trades in a MINI Cooper to purchase a HUMONGOUS HUMMER?

Well duh.

Goldilocks, of course!

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