June 22, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday

Kristine is getting closer and closer to her wedding day, so she continues with the wedding theme this week:

1. Your Drinking Glasses.
2. Your Address book/Stationary (remember that stuff we used BEFORE email?)

My drinking glasses are from Sur la Table. I discovered them while writing a column for a local lifestyle magazine. My headline for my write-up of these was “Bottoms up!” and they edited it to read “Hello, Kitty!” Apparently they weren’t much for the off-color puns. Or freedom of expression.
Bottom's up!

I don’t really have stationery, but I do have lots and lots of unwritten cards. These are Thank You cards that I will probably use very soon, after I get some presents. Want a card? Send me a present!

My something new is this “gift certificate” from Tiffany & Co. My sister received it after the restaurant she works at received 3 1/2 stars (out of 4) when reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle. She owes me some dough, so I told her I’d take $100 off her bill if she wanted to unload her unwanted Tiffany money. See? Everybody’s happy. What should I buy? What can I buy for $100?
How Tiffany does gift cards

Happy SPF everyone! Did you play?

I cook. He cleans.

Seems fair, doesn’t it?



While waiting for the traffic light to change, I looked over at the car dealership on the corner. There was a convertible MINI Cooper on the lot for sale. I love MINI Coopers. They’re so cute and small and zippy. I would look so good driving around in one of those.

A used MINI on a non-MINI car lot doesn’t seem so out of the ordinary, I know. But it was parked next to a HUMMER, as this was a HUMMER dealership. You could practically drive the MINI up a ramp and into the back of the obnoxiously huge and outrageously overpriced gas guzzler. You could transport your little car around for those times when you feel the urge to zoom around with the wind blowing through your hair. The MINI would also be handy when you dont’t have the $100 required to fill your HUMMER tank, acting as a reserve tank.

I wondered what kind of person makes such a drastic change in their preferred method of transportation. Who trades in a MINI Cooper to purchase a HUMONGOUS HUMMER?

Well duh.

Goldilocks, of course!