April 27, 2006


Steven Seagal is on tour.

Click here to see if your town will be one of the select few chosen to be Under Siege entertained by Mr. Seagal.

3 people have roominated about “Ugh.”

  • Monty says:

    If he goes to Washington, DC, does he sing to Congress or destroy them? If he makes the right choice, there would be a gratefull nation, and that includes the White House, any White House. Not that I have an opinion, mind you.

  • Grins says:

    Yipeeee Charlotte, NC has been spared. ::cartwheels::

  • Madmeer says:

    Oh holy crap! I can’t wait to buy tickets to see a true inspiration! I mean really, isn’t he impressed enough with himself for all of us? His ego is so big, people don’t even have to like him! He loves himself enough for all of us!

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