March 23, 2006

No sympathy for the Devils

Duke lost!

Nothing against the boys on this year’s Duke basketball team. I’m sure they’re perfectly fine gentlemen. But it is against my religion to feel anything but joy when the Blue Devils fall.

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  • margalit says:

    Let me guess. You think the sky is Carolina Blue? A big UNC fan, perhaps?
    Here via Michele

  • Carl V. says:

    I’m not disappointed that Duke lost except for the fact that I have them going farther in my bet with my boss. The loss didn’t hurt me too much though. There were some exciting games these past 2 nights! Maybe I just have a poor memory but I don’t remember there being so many last second games in the past few tourneys. Hope this continues on until the very end. Would love to see a buzzer beater championship game regardless of who is playing in it.

  • Redneckmommy says:

    ‘Cause I’m a Canadian, I don’t generally follow your college ball. However, a long time ago, I once dated a Duke bball player. He was yummy. You could bounce quaters off his stomach muscles. Not that I did or anything. Glad Michele sent me!

  • utenzi says:

    I ran a post about just this subject about a week ago, Catheroo. I have an anti-Duke focus due to working for UNC and having a girlfriend that is obsessed with the Tarheels.

    Michele sent me.

    BTW, I noticed a number of commonalities here. There’s anti-Duke, I ate brownies this week, I almost bought a Nikon two weeks ago, and there’s two cats that hate my digital camera. LOL

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