March 23, 2006

The world’s oldest profession

The new toy I bought was quite expensive. I sure could use some extra dough to help pay the bill.

Lo and behold, on Wednesday evening, someone has offered to take me out for a drink, and then go back to my place. There, I will be paid $100 an hour to perform the world’s oldest profession*. I’ve never done this before, so I’m not sure if that’s a good rate. But that’s what they offered, and every little bit helps. If I perform well, maybe there’s a future in this for me.

A local firm is doing a study on Sex (and the City) and are looking for someone who really enjoys it–someone who is crazy about it. I love Sex (and the City), but a lot of other people do too. Hell. Who doesn’t? So, when I responded to their questionnaire, searching for the ultimate Sex (and the City) fan, I had to stand out from the rest. I needed to convince them that I was The Girl for them. I was sure to include in my reply that I love it so much, I have tons of DVDs and even some VHS tapes, so whenever I’m in the mood, I have Sex (and the City) at my disposal. They asked if I ever used to schedule social events around Sex (and the City). I told them yes, and on Sunday nights, I turned Sex (and the City) into a social event, inviting friends over to enjoy Sex (and the City) with me. I told the screener that if my friends were unable to join me for it, I would fill them in the next day, reliving every delicious detail of the Sex (and the City) they missed.

Come to think of it, it’s been awhile since I last enjoyed Sex (and the City), so I might be a little rusty. I may need a Sex (and the City) marathon this weekend to prepare for Wednesday. I need to be reminded why I love Sex (and the city) so much, and what I love most about it. Wow. How have I been coping since Sex (and the city) left my life in February 2004? Well, it’s still available to me, but it’s so cleaned up, it’s not my kind of Sex (and the city).

*Just to clarify, market research is the world’s oldest profession, right? Early man must have gathered a panel of users when developing the wheel. A group of carefully screened Cro-Magnon men sat around a large slab in a cave, playing with triangles, rhombuses (rhombi?), trapezoids, and circles and determined which provided the smoothest ride. I think Richard Leakey mentions it in Origins.

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